Why Halfords won’t be stocking a Roof Bag soon, like ever!

If you Google the words “roof bag” one of the most popular phrases searched for is “Roof Bag Halfords”. Halfords are the largest retailer of automotive accessories in the U.K and it’s a great store. If you ever visit a local Halfords, you will find a vast array of after market products for everything related to cars as well as a wider range of products from bikes to camping products. So if you are in the market for a roof bag it would make sense to pop along to Halfords to peruse their range and buy one. There’s one problem…. HALFORDS DON”T SELL CAR ROOF BAGS. And in my opinion, they are very very unlikely to ever sell a roof bag and here’s the reason:

About the only place on the High Street or in a retail park that you can buy a roof box is at Halfords. Halfords have a huge range of roof boxes and are the biggest sellers of roof boxes in the U.K. Of course they don’t just sell roof boxes they also sell roof racks which you have to buy when you buy a roof box. And they will also fit the roof box and bars to you for a price too. So with millions of pounds of revenue coming from roof boxes and racks with the average order costing well over £500 (and most closer to £1,000!) why on earth would they sell a roof bag that does exactly the same job but for a lot less money (Try £100!) which means a heck of a lot less profit for them. So understandably Halfords don’t sell roof bags which means for the best range of roof bags in the U.K, get yourself online and buy one from Amazon instead. That’s my humble opinion anyway.


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