A Roof bag is a large storage bag typically made of waterproof material that straps onto the roof a car or vehicle that creates extra storage space when travelling. The concept is the same as a roof box. A temporary solution to needing more luggage space when making a journey. A roof bag will normally strap either direct to roof bars or roof rack or in some cases they even strap direct to a roof without roof bars or rack. most roof bag designs come with integrated straps so they just clip straight to the bars. The advantages of a car roof bag are:

  1. Fast to attach and remove- Most bags can be placed on a vehicle roof and strapped on in under a minute.
  2. Easy to store and transport- Unlike a bulky roof box, roof bags, squash down into a stuff sack less than a foot square so you don’t need a garage or shed to store it when not in use
  3. Cost- Even the most expensive roof bags cost less than a third of the cheapest roof box systems.
  4. Storage space- Unlike roof boxes which are fixed in size and because of aerodynamic styling can be difficult to load, a roof bag is squahsy and is like a huge duffle bag that fits your load so 400 litres of space really is 400 litres of space
  5. They are cool- Buy the right bag and it adds to your adventure style unlike a roof box which just looks clunky!

Add Space and style, versatility and save money on your roof bag. Whats not to love!