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Big Daddy Car Roof Bag Review

Why the Big Daddy Bag Is the Easiest Way to Travel in Comfort and Style

Are you an adventurous tourist who likes travelling? Or maybe, you are a mountaineer who would like to cover most of the hiking spots within the holiday.  One common problem that you may be facing is space and comfort while travelling. During the holidays, families would like to travel far and wide just to have fun and appreciate the moments they are together. Most vehicles don’t have enough space in the trunks to fit the luggage that you might want to take with you.

Severally, people are forced to hire a vehicle just to take the luggage to the airport or probably the train station. In other cases, these people will have to leave most essential items that they needed for a camping trip or a family holiday. When relocating to another city, you are forced to give out what couldn’t go into the car trunk. Well, this experience really hurts because travel is supposed to be enjoyable and everyone needs to sit comfortably. But in most cases, we are forced to squeeze ourselves so as to fit into the vehicle. All this is done so that a box we want to carry fits into the vehicle. Is there a solution to this?

Big Daddy Bag Solves the Travel Problem

The solution has been designed and is ready for you to take it. This will bring to an end the travel discomfort, and hence you enjoy the road trips. Using the Big Daddy bag found on Amazon, you can travel comfortably and in style. This is a solution that has been designed to perfectly serve the needs of travellers who are faced with the challenge of storage for their luggage. This, therefore, means that your daughters can travel in comfort and your sons don’t have to hold the luggage because the trunk is full. It also means that you have more fun while on travel since you are comfortable and relaxed. Even better, all those beautiful sceneries will be visible comfortably while you are seated in your car. So why is Big Daddy bag the solution to your worries? Well, let’s see.

Features of Big Daddy Bag

The big Daddy bag is the solution to your problems because of the following features of the bag.

Big Daddy Bag Is Made of Strong Robust Material

The manufacturer of the bag has invested in a material that gives you a reliable solution. The bag is made of extremely durable tarpaulin. This makes it the best reliable solution that you have ever wished to have. Not just any bag will hold the tough conditions like the big daddy will do. The windy conditions and being on the roof of your car means that the bag is exposed to strong sun, and dusty conditions. Having researched about this well, the manufacturer chooses a material that will endure these conditions. 

This means when you invest in the bag; you are assured that you are buying quality that will last for long. Most of the fabric that makes the ordinary bag will not even hold the strong wind that you are cruising against for miles. But the material that has been used in making the Big Daddy bag, will endure this. Further, and the most important factor you need to take into consideration is that the bag is waterproof. This then means that you don’t have to cover it with polythene that will interfere with your comfort while driving. When you buy Big Daddy bag, be assured that you are buying a material that will give you durability, comfort, and style.

Big Daddy Bag Is Not Cumbersome like Roof Box

The bag takes away the cumbersomeness that comes when using a roof box. If you have had the experience of the car roof box, you know that it takes more space and looks huge because of the extra material, yet all that is not being used. Further, placing the roof box on your car is not as easy as it may seem to be. In some cases, you need to be assisted by two to three people despite the fact that it doesn’t fit a lot of items in there. This is not the best experience a traveler would like to have. This is the reason why you need a solution that will fit more items, that occupies lesser space and therefore not cumbersome. You want a solution that you can easily load and take off from the roof. This is exactly what Big daddy manufacturer is committed to giving you. Therefore, you are buying a bag that will not look odd and cumbersome when placed on your car roof and one that will be easy to reach and take off anytime without depriving you the much- needed comfort.

Big Daddy Bag Has Strong Straps to Make Sure Bag Is Secure on Roof Top

The straps of the bag are triple stitched to make sure that your bag is properly held and fastened to the vehicle rails. For your information, the straps are included as a package when you buy the bag, and therefore, you don’t have to buy or pay more for the straps. Further, if the car doesn’t have the roof bars, you can comfortably use the bag. This is because you will get the straps that are ideal for supporting your bag even when your car doesn’t have the roof bars. This is also included, and you don’t have to buy it. If you like, you can buy the extra lashing stripes to fasten the bag in case you need to. However, the straps that come with the Big Daddy bag have been tested and proven that they can support up to 150+ kilos, and therefore you don’t have to worry about the safety since they provide adequate security to make sure the bag is comfortably tight to one position. If you are using a very bumpy off-road, then you might consider extra lashing straps of which too is not very necessary in most cases.

The Package Comes with All You Need

With the Big Daddy bag, you get a package that includes four different items. You will get the bag itself, the storage bag, roof mat and straps. The storage bag is for your convenience since you easily fold the bag, and inserts it in your storage bag together with the straps, and then you can keep it in your car.

Imagine a scenario where on travel you saw something that you really need to buy but nowhere to store since the trunk is full. If you have been using roof box, in most cases its detached when not in use and attached back when you need to use. If you have the big daddy bag folded and in your car, you will easily get it out, and there you have more space for whatever you wanted to buy. This is the convenience that Big Daddy bag gives you. The straps as discussed above are meant for attaching the bag to the roof bars. You will also use the roof mat to protect your vehicle from getting scratches while removing or returning the bag to the roof of your car. Therefore, all these factors together, means you are getting value for your money. This is the comfort that you would not get from the roof box.

With Big Daddy Bag You Have More Storage Space

The bag can take in 14 cubic feet or 400 liters which is more spacious than the roof box. Therefore you can forget about having to squeeze all the clothes to get more storage space. This is a very common problem among people travelling with small children. Luckily, with the Big Daddy bag, you can even pack more for your convenience. You will be able to carry more since it has extra space and can hold more clothes in there. The advantage is that it can take all in one; therefore, you even have more space to enjoy if your car has extra seats in the trunk area. As illustrated above, it is not cumbersome and being a flexible material; it means it can even take in more than the 400 liters if you pack well. This is what clients want to avoid packing many bags that occupy more space while they carry less. With the Big Daddy bag, this is an absolute problem solver.

Works Well for Any Car Type

Whether you are driving an SUV or a Saloon car, with or without the roof bars, you are good when you purchase the Big Daddy bag. You can easily use the straps on a car that does not have the roof bars. Using the extra lashing straps, you will be able to move with all what you wanted to pack. Therefore, this is the best solution that allows you flexibility. You can purchase a Big Daddy bag for each of your cars and keep it under the storage bag to comfortably carry it in your car. You will easily be able to load it on any car when you have packed your items.

The Roof box cannot work with some cars like the saloons without roof bars. Even if fitted, it looks odd and not worth using it for the saloon car. However, with the Big Daddy bag, you will be able to use it in any car. Therefore buy a solution that allows you flexibility and one you can switch when you want. You don’t have to depend on something that makes you have just one option and even worse doesn’t help you move all the items. Buy Big Daddy bag today and enjoy flexibility.

Move Freely without Having to Worry about Extra Height.

With the Roof box, you will not be able to get into basement parking that is restricted when it comes to height. The Big Daddy bag lies on the car roof and is not suspended making it occupy more space like the roof box does. Therefore, you will not have to worry about the height and you will freely be able to get into any place. This is good since there is the convenience of getting you where you want without restrictions. You will only be able to get this from the Big Daddy bag.

Big Daddy Bag Gives You Value for Your Money

What else would a customer wants other than good service and value for money? The Big Daddy bag offers you value once you buy the bag. You don’t have to feel restricted on where you can go and where you can’t go. Further, you will get more comfortable while travelling which is exactly why the bag was manufactured. This is more value for your money. Given the fact that you will not need to squeeze items so that more goes into your bag, you have a chance of making sure that travel experience is like it ought to be. You don’t have to sit on each other so that you can take in more bags in your sitting space. You will easily be able to enjoy the ride without all this hustle that people have been undergoing when they are travelling. For those going on camping trips, you will enjoy since you can carry more items easily to maximise your experience. Therefore, you will get more value for money when you buy this bag.

Having discussed all those factors, travellers who have had bad experiences in the past should no longer get worried about their travel. Whether you are taking your family for a holiday vacation, or you are out on adventurous travel, you can move with simplicity and style courtesy of the Big Daddy bag. The only effort you have to make to get rid of the wedge-shaped box that looks odd on your car is to buy the Big Daddy bag from Amazon, and you will travel in style and comfort. Happy holidays!


Here is our latest Video Review of the Big Daddy Cargo Roof Bag:


Big Daddy Cargo Roof Bag Review