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Welcome to my website! My name is Kristian and I’m a keen outdoorsman and family man. When I combine my two passions in life e.g The great Outdoors and my beautiful wife, two young boys and dog Kai, it normally means a long road trip and lots and lots of kit! So like most Dads, Ive got an estate car or Station Wagon and I fill it to the roof with tents, camping kit, kids toys, dog food and a kitchen sink! The problem is, even with the biggest station wagon available I still need more space to carry kit. For several years I fitted a Roof Box and rack. The problems with a roof box are:

1. They are expensive

2. They take up a lot of room in your garage or shed

3. They take forever to install and remove

So a few years ago whilst perusing the internet for more kit to take on our next climbing trip I came across a Vehicle roof bag. It seemed like the perfect solution! Easy and quick to install, cheap to buy and it carried a tonne of gear. After buying a roof bag, I thought I’d found the answer. The bag worked brilliantly on our first two trips but on our third trip we drove through a rain storm and when we got to the campsite, I opened the bag and found everything inside was drenched! After spending the night in a wet sleeping bag, we learnt quickly to pack everything in black trash bags before packing the bag. After a few more trips I decided to buy a better bag that was more waterproof. So I upgraded the bag and all was good until one night on the way home from a vacation I heard a banging noise on the roof and then watched several pairs of pyjamas and two pillows flying behind me in the rear view mirror. I quickly pulled over and saw that the roof bag had split at the seam and we had lost some of our clothes and bedding! A quick repair job with Gorilla tape and paracord and we were on our way again with a slightly lighter load. Six months after that I bought my next bag and two weeks after that the zip split and we had to haul the bag home on the kids laps! So after that disaster I started to become obsessed with roof bags. I went onto Amazon and purchased the top 5 selling roof bags available and began to dissect them like some mad professor. I began testing the bags to destruction and I do mean destruction! to test strength and reliability I began filling bags with bricks and lifting them with a friends forklift to see which would rip open! I got a 250 bar high pressure washer and fired them at the bags to test waterproofing and I started tying the bags to the back of my Land Rover Discovery and attempted to tow a Ford Transit around my road to test strap and clip strengths. All of this to find out what made the best bags. In the end none of the bags passed all my tests and I began to realise that in order to get the best and most reliable cargo bag on the market I might need to make one. So that’s what I did, I set out to make the strongest and most waterproof car roof bag in the world…



So why do I feel qualified to share my opinion about roof bags? Well firstly, I want to help others avoid wasting money on poorly made roof bags and secondly after buying twelve roof bags I feel like maybe others would like to hear about how they compare. If I can help with advice and hands on knowledge I’d love to share it to help you make a good buying decision.



The goal of my site is to help you choose a roof bag for your next adventure!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help!

All the best,


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